100 dating sites in iran

It does not ask any questions that describe the users personality, such as taste in arts, music, film, or hobbies.

The site is run by the Islamic Development Organization and differs from a dating website in that users have no say in who they are matched with.

A full list of the sites used in each category of this survey is available at the end of the article.

The Associated Press reports the site, hamsan.tebyan.net, launched on Monday and is encouraging single people to subscribe.

A board of mediators matches applicants after reviewing their age, education, wealth and family background.

Golzari insisted the website is not a dating portal."The matchmaking website you are seeing today is not a website for introducing boys and girls to each other," he said.

In this article, we examine the state of the Internet in Iran in 2012 by conducting a survey to determine whether top sites across all categories of the Internet are censored in Iran.

The website explains the factors it uses to practice “conscious mate selection“: “1) religion and faith 2) values 3) Vitals 4) domestic jurisdiction 5) the economic characteristics 6) social features 7) psychological characteristics.” The BBC notes that applications for the site ask users for age, marital status, parents’s occupations, and other social status qualifiers.

Persia's arch-rival was the Roman Empire and its successor, the Byzantine Empire.

The Persian Empire proper begins in the Iron Age, following the influx of Iranian peoples.

Iran has stopped providing free contraception and funding vasectomies, while state-sanctioned sermons have encouraged larger families.

The government is also considering funding low-interest loans for new couples and providing cash payments to new parents.

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