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The site worked as expected and delivered the service it intended.Of course, we considered it the apex of excellence if we actually got laid from the site. Because some sites employ automated responses in order to trick you into thinking you are actually talking to a real women.CL works so I don't know what everyone else is complaining about?!Pretty clear that many profiles are fake, that's just the way it works when you join those kind of hookup sites. I think you won't find any other cougar dating site with a comparable number of users. From that time on the babes are gone and only old fat women respond. In my opinion there are only two legitimate cougar dating sites out there where you can find attractive older women. Yes, it seems to be a little more expensive than other sites and another negative aspect isis that it does appear to be a ceratain percentage of escorts using this site. However, what makes Cougar Life one of the best cougar dating site is that it is really huge with millions of members.

Not only has this phenomena become popular among the common people, it is equally prevalent among celebrities as well.

We found that there were about 50 or so sites operating ostensibly as cougar and cub dating sites but only three of those sites, sadly, were legit dating sites for dating cougars.

Our methodology for testing these sites was to send out several e-mails to various women on the sites and then to see how many responses we got back.

The world of internet dating is a major target for scammers and identity thieves who are looking for low hanging fruit for easy money.

They know there’s a lot of horny dudes out making decisions with one head and not the other out there who are looking to get laid and they use this basic human desire against them in order trick them into paying for a crappy service that is not at all what they thought they were getting.

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