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i OS 10 has a lot of new stuff: read all about it in our feature walkthrough.Messages has rich support for stickers and 3x bigger emoji as well as animated screen and bubble effects.Every now and then, i Pad is updated with new software and features.These might include new Siri features, an extra security setting, battery life improvements or an entirely new mapping system.The requested file cannot be found." I have purchased and loaded the new verson 2.0 software (.95) and spent 3 hours so far loading the software then letting my i Mac restore the songs, videos and photos to the i Pod touch. I recommend waiting maybe several weeks until you load the new "Application" software to your i Pod touch. download the iphone 2.0 software to your computer, enable hidden files to be shown on your computer. this is bullshit you screwed up my i Pod u bastard u guys this is just an asshole that is trynna get the whole world to lose their iphone/itouch DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS it is a FAKE Hey all, Just thought I'd let you know it worked for me and my i Pod Touch 8 Gig. Pod1,1_2.0_5A347_Took forever to download..3 hours. I think it has a max download speed put on by the website or something. I’ve scanned with kaspersky several times but it just can’t detect the virus. hey hope some1 can help me out here, i did the update on the web for my iphone through the itunes and then i got blocked, well then i fouund blackrain and unlocked and it worked but i dont know what i did wrong cuz now it wont read any sim cards i cant call at all, what should i do man im pissed already man does anybody know...? Did a back up of my ipod, then clicked shift upgrade in i Tunes 10, a browser menu popped up, I went to my desktop where the downloaded file was. Following up my previous comment, I read the filename properly and found out it started with i Phone. after that open this folder in this manner ''c:/(your username)/app data/roaming/apple computer/itunes/iphone software updates'' for VISTA and ''C:\Documents and Settings\*USER HERE*\Application Data\Apple Computer\i Tunes\i Phone Software Updates''for WINDOWS XP. When I downloaded it I had to get my entire i Pod repaired. Whoever put this on this website, you should be very ashamed with yourself!!! I follow the uploading using shift then click update.... im getting the update from i Tunes which after all the terms and condition crap says do not interupt the download as it may take a while, its estimated time on decent broadband is 30mins, so far im on 38 hours and counting. i dont see any file in the zip file the i downloaded from the link above. Then, when I was installing it, I thought it froze..it really does take a long time to install the new software. Selected it, the ipod touch updated to 2.0, it is now currently updating to 2.1.

To upgrade your i Phone or i Pod Touch to OS version 2.0 firmware, you need to download and install i Tunes 7.7 or later from Apple , Then simply connect the i Phone or i Pod Touch to the computer and update your device using i Tunes as described here - put ur ipod in dfu mode. Then clikc n hold power n main button for 10 seconds then leave power n hold main for 10 sec. then there shud be a box pop up in itues says identifyied pod in restore mode or something similar. then shift click restore n click on the frimware u want to restore to. so now after you have downloaded the file press shift button on your keyboard and press that update button. I am getting "An error occurred while restoring this i Pod (-36)" and "The ipod "i Pod" cannot be synced. pls answer ASAP thx i tried everything the ppl here said and its not working. then jus rename the file and end with istead of then open itunes connect ipod touch then hold alt and option and then press restore then you can see the file you downloaded then it works!!! hare krishna Jailbreaking Guide For i Pod Touch First Generation (Older One) Pod_Touch Jailbreaking Guide For i Pod Touch Second Generation (Newer One) Pod_Touch_2G Hello, It’s not possible for me to save the file in Desktop cause my C drive is totally affected with virus. Then clikc n hold power n main button for 10 seconds then leave power n hold main for 10 sec. then there shud be a box pop up in itues says identifyied pod in restore mode or something similar. then shift click restore n click on the frimware u want to restore to.

It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes of time.

There’s an easy way to tell when a new software update is available: the Settings app will show a small red badge above it.

On i Phone 6s or later, the phone will actually wake itself from sleep when you raise the device This can be jarring until your habits adjust to the new behavior.

Also note that some features of i OS 10 will not be visible immediately.

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Before Target Scale is updating, please make sure that accus are fully charged and the i Phone/i Pod touch/i Pad remains close to the Target Scale until the update process is completed.

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