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File photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler (Billy)/Instagrma/@nikkigil/@jamesyap18/@withlovekrisaquino MANILA, Philippines – Breakups are hard, and that's much more pronounced when you're in the public eye.

Philippine showbiz has had its share of talked about breakups.

Last month, Sam Milby and Shaina Magdayao admitted that they have been seeing each other regularly because of their common friends. And ako, I really value my friendship with Shaina,” he said.

When asked about the real score between them, Sam Milby said that he doesn’t want to do something that could destroy their friendship. Although they are not exclusively dating yet, Sam Milby noted that their friendship is growing and he is happy about it,.

“We cast John as the Moomoo because we wanted a friendly, handsome ghost. Second, the show airs at primetime, and children again, are still up and about.

We wanted to show that such a ghost can exist,” says director Soxy Topacio. So why send them to bed with visions of burning hell in their head?

John Prats used to date Shaina Magdayao, who went on to date John Lloyd Cruz, before John Lloyd got together with Angelica.

Angelica said that she and John Prats would "bash" Shaina and John Lloyd, in an effort to help him get over Shaina.

The presence of a happy family, headed by William Martinez and Yayo Aguila, adds to the show’s wholesome flavor.Shaina Magdayao has asked for calm after Piolo Pascual revealed that they have been ''exclusively dating'' for five years now, downplaying it by saying that she doesn't want to label their relationship.The kapamilya actor and heartthrob Sam Milby opened up about the actress Shaina Magadayao, whom he was romantically with, during his live interview with “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” aired on September 1, 2014.The 30-year-old actor wanted to keep mum about their relationship, admitting that he doesn’t know how to answer questions so he was sometimes misinterpreted. Kilala niyo ako, hindi talaga ako magaling sumagot sa mga tanong. The relationships of ex-couples Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford, Kris Aquino and James Yap are just some of the most talked in showbiz.

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