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When Norah Jones released her first album, Come Away With Me, in 2002, her expectations were distinctly modest.Jones, who was 22 and who had been raised by a single mother in Texas, had been in New York for only two years, singing in restaurants and small clubs while working part-time as a waitress to support herself.

But when you don’t have a goal like that, like me, you reach it, and it’s like, OK, what do I do now to maintain loving music and not going crazy?

‘I felt OK, because the Nora we know from the original is not the same Nora 15 years later.‘She is a new woman; and I felt like I had a free pass to show what had been bottled up inside of her, that no one would ever have seen if she had not gone away and opened her life to new experiences,’ Metcalf told me over the phone from New York.

After walking out, this Nora goes off and writes books. What’s beautiful about A Doll’s House, Part 2 is its comic rhythm.

Ephron simply hadn’t told anyone outside of her inner circle.

Even then, Ephron, who wrote “When Harry Met Sally . .” and directed “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” had been vague about how sick she was.

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Metcalf has been nominated for a best actress Tony for her superb portrait of a woman who survived a suffocating marriage to a man who felt ‘her life was as his little wife’.

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